The Wedmore blacksmith's forge/smithy



An email from Bernard Howard has made me wonder whether there ever a forge in The Borough in 1841, or whether the census entry merely documented where Joseph Fisher lived while he was working in another smithy. Bernard's email is reproduced below with his permission.


I was evacuated to Wedmore in 1940 aged 8, and for a while lived in Pilcorn St which, as you go up the hill and reach the top, with the Church on the right, was the turning on the left; again at the top of the hill, just a few yards past the Church, was a lane leading to the right, the name of which escapes me. As you turned into this lane, the Blacksmiths was on or near the corner on the left hand side of the lane. From memory it was a very old fashioned, open to the road, working village Blacksmiths and I am certain that I have been into, or certainly stood and looked, at what was going on inside. I don't know anything about the Blacksmith himself. My memory of this is so strong that when I last visited Wedmore about 20 years ago I particularly looked for the Smithy but alas not there. It looked as though it had been possibly incorporated into a private dwelling. The reason my memory of this spot is so strong is that it is the spot on those crossroads that I first learnt to whistle whilst crossing the road. (Sad isn't it, the things that you remember as you get older, but it was an important, to me, at that stage in my growing up.)

I have many fond memories of Wedmore, collecting waste paper for the War effort, and seeing a long line of pennies and halfpennies on the kerb stretching all the way from the top of the hill down past the Church into the village, again, collecting for the War effort I presume. Incidentally, I went to school just outside the village on the Cheddar Rd., the building up on the left was (20 years ago) I thought, a Library. Our playground was quite high above the road and I used to look out towards where the Cemetery now is. I certainly do not remember a cemetery being there at the time (1940/1/2).

Bernard Howard 2004 

Postscript: Bernard emailed in 2006 to say that he had found a 1900 O/S, Map Sht 26, Sub Sht 26, which although not terribly clear, showed a 'SMITHY' in the location near the Church which he had previously referred to. He was pleased to find that it confirmed his 'young' recollections during the war.