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Wedmore from the perspective of Fisher family history

The town of Wedmore: my visit in 2004
The Fisher forge/smithy at Rughill, Wedmore
The Wedmore forge/smithy

Lines of descent

My line of descent from John Fisher of Wedmore born about 1535
My Hickman, Chandler and Cock ancestry in Wedmore
My Pope ancestry in Camberwell
My Clarke ancestry in Somerset

Individuals in my Wedmore ancestry (in alphabetical order)

Amelia Fisher (1818 - 1900), born Hickman
Harriet Fisher (1847 - 1908) who lived as Harriet Pope
Joseph Fisher (1812 - 1881) and his children
Octavius Fisher (1858 - ?), son of Joseph Fisher
Maude Amelia Clarke (1882 - 1940), daughter of Harriet Fisher
James Clarke (1877 - 1944), Maude's husband
Jacob Pope (1851 - 1935) Maude's father?
Caroline Vowles (c1794 - ?), born Hickman, mother of Amelia Fisher

Related matters

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