Line of descent from Isaac Pope (c 1790 - before 1851)



This page documents the known line of descent and genealogy from Isaac Pope of Camberwell (c1790 - before 1851)


The earliest member of 'my' Pope line of whom there is any firm record is Isaac Pope who must have been born about 1790. There are too many candidates in the IGI to be able to tie down his place of birth, although it could have been Somerset, the home of the Fisher family, because the IGI does show clusters of Popes there. All the firm records of 'my' Popes show them in the Camberwell region of what was then Surrey and is now in the south of Greater London.

The birth records of Isaac's children show that he married an Elizabeth. This was probably the marriage in Pallots Marriage Index for 1813 which showed Isaac Pope marrying Elizabeth Evans at Bloomsbury, London. Isaac died before 1851 as his wife was listed in the census as a widow. He probably died before 1837 as there is no obvious record of his death in the central registers.

Isaac and Elizabeth had the following known children:

  • Ann Pope was baptised on 25 Dec 1814 at St Giles, Camberwell.
  • Isaac Pope was baptised on 30 Jul 1820 at Saint Giles, Camberwell.
  • Jacob William Pope was my great great grandfather, if my detective work is right. He was baptised on 6 Jun 1824 at St Giles, Camberwell, and census returns show that he married an Ann, but there are no further details of her. All his life he was a stationer/bookseller/newsagent. He died in 1893 age 69 by which time he was a widower. Known children were:
  • Jacob William Pope, known as William, was born in 1848 at Camberwell.
  • Eliza Pope was born in 1850.
  • Jacob Pope was born on 23 Mar 1851 at Camberwell and has his own page.
  • Esther Pope was born in 1853 at Camberwell. 
  • James Pope was born in 1855. 
  • Phoebe Pope was born in 1857. 
  • Charlotte Pope was born in 1861.
  • Edwin Pope was born in 1863 at Camberwell. He is almost certainly not the Edwin James Pope who married Mary Jane Moore because he would then have been only 14 years old at the time. So we must look for another father for the Maud Ellen/Ellen Maud Pope who Jacob adopted.
  • William Pope was baptised on 25 Jun 1826 at St Giles, Camberwell. He was in the household of his brother Jacob William Pope in the 1871 census at 1 Caroline Place, Camberwell, Surrey.
  • Margaret Pope was born in 1827. She was baptised on 30 Dec 1827 at St Giles, Camberwell, and was in her mothers household for the 1851 census at 21 Acorn Street, Camberwell. In 1961 she was in the household of her brother, Jacob William Pope, still at 21 Acorn Street, Camberwell. So she probably never married.
  • Francis Pope was born on 18 Mar 1829 and baptised, somewhat surprisingly fourteen years later on 5 May 1843 at Saint Giles, Camberwell - according to the IGI. He married Maria (--?--), born Bermondsey, and had the following known children all born in Camberwell:
  • Rueben Pope, born in 1852.
  • Catherine Pope, born in 1854.
  • William Pope, born in 1857.
  • Elizabeth Pope, born in 1859.